1. brazilwonders:

    Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - Rio de Janeiro (by pranzlauerberg)


  2. brazilwonders:

    Mariana - Minas Gerais (by chasing-summers)


  3. brazilwonders:

    Recife - Pernambuco (by mgrenner57


  4. brazilwonders:

    Forte de Garcia D’ávila, Mata de São João (Praia do Forte) - Bahia


  5. PLAN | 391


    Daniel Johnson, Miami Live/Work Residence

    (via edificecomplex)


  6. skyscraper:

    rawrisaac submitted:

    We’ve the Zenith Towers - Busan, South Korea (301 m)

    By Isaac


  7. drawingarchitecture:

    Constructing amidst Fragments of the historic City, Quarrying & infraStructure, Marseille, France. by Andrew Morris. 

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  8. drawingarchitecture:

    Paranoia House, pen and ink, Arthur Kay.

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  9. drawingarchitecture:

    Islington Sky High by Lewis Glastonbury (more here)

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  10. Singapore


    Fullerton Hotel


    Light and shadows

    (The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore)

    submitted by: tinamaldita, thanks!


  11. unhappyhipsters:

    “To the architect’s dismay, the clients had insisted on a split-level ‘arbitration gallery.’”

    (Photo: Bassam El Okeily, Architizer)