1. allthatweseem:

    The Arch of Titus, Forum Romanum. (Photo by me)

    It rained the entire day we visited the Forum but that didn’t stop me from taking photos, although I don’t advise getting rain in your camera lens.


  2. marhaba-maroc-algerie-tunisie:

    Piazza del Shagara, Benghazi (Libya) in 1964


  3. vwillas8:

    Mosque in Old Town
    Ghadames, Libya


  4. (Source: eldunya)


  5. aroundtheworldin80seconds:

    Mansouri Great Mosque, Tripoli

    Photograph by Christian Kober/Photolibrary

    Men perform ablutions before prayer at the Mansouri Great Mosque in Tripoli in northern Lebanon.


  6. zoghdani:

    بوستر الفندق الكبير - الثلاثينات - طرابلس، ليبيا.

    Grand Hotel Poster - 1930s - Tripoli, Libya.


  7. manifest05:

    Piazza Italia, Tripoli, Libia Italiana 


  8. just-wanna-travel:

    Tripoli, Libya


  9. citylandscapes:

    Aerial shot of Tripoli, Libya


  10. specialcar:

    Alfa Romeo Aerodinamica 1914


  11. edwardiangalore:

    — 1910 - Skating


  12. the-alt-historian:

    Before the Great War broke out in 1920, the Imperial German Luftstreitskraefte conducted a Europe-wide contest to find a new pursuit aircraft. While the indigenous Fokker D. VII was eventually adopted, the Sopwith F.1 found favour with several units, including Jasta 23b.

    When the British joined the war, the Sopwith was swiftly retired, and Jasta 23b’s aircraft were destroyed for scrap.


  13. (Source: reichsmarschall)


  14. ww1incolour:

    Restored By: miau_am (Reddit)

    Location: Mejdel Jaffa, Palestine

    Year: 1918

    Description: General Sir Harry Chauvel, conducting an inspection of the No. 1 Squadron of the Australian Flying Corps, at Mejdel Jaffa, Palestine, in 1918.

    Source: State Library of New South Wales


  15. piety-patience-modesty-distrust:

    "Air combat. Painting by Claus Bergen"
    —Ernst Udet, Private Collection